Our Services

Our services include a wide range of design, planning and consulting services for Iowa municipalities and counties. Complete services are provided to cities, counties and other governmental and private entities concerning aspects of civil engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and planning and landscape architectural services. Our civil and environmental engineering services include work on water supply, water treatment, water distribution and storage, sanitary sewer systems, wastewater treatment facilities, streets and roads, land surveying, stormwater management and site planning.

Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.’s services are tailored to meet the requirements of municipalities for their civil and environmental engineering requirements. In addition to providing traditional engineering services, Veenstra& Kimm, Inc. provides the support services, which are critical to project implementation. We maintain expertise in all areas of project development, including the legal requirements and financial requirements for the implementation of our project.

Our approach is to develop a long-term relationship by providing the day-to-day engineering services needed to keep the project work flowing naturally. By furnishing routine services, the necessary working relationship is established for this arrangement to succeed. We believe in providing planning and engineering services at a fair and reasonable cost. Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. is organized in four primary areas of practice for civil engineering, environmental engineering, planning, and construction related services.